Friday, January 25, 2008

Temple Study - New Site!

There is a new site on the web that deals with many of the same topics we discuss. I listed them in the Recommended Blogs a few days back, but I wanted to make sure you did not miss it.

The site is owned by Bryce Haymond. I like this guy, he is doing a good job. Leave some comment so he knows you are there.

Here is the link: Temple Study.


Bryce said...

Thanks for the endorsement! I'm glad to join the online conversation about the Church. There have been way too many critical voices online. Hopefully Elder Ballard's remarks will help shift the tide.

mckenzi said...

That is an interesting web site. Ok, I found the author of the binary planet idea I once read. His name is Anthony E. Larson.,_ancient_history_and_the_restored_gospel_006.htm

mckenzi said...

here are some videos