Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two Story Temple

Check out the new web site by Professor William J. Hamblin over at THINGS UNUTTERABLE. He just posted a great post about the possibility that there was a second story on the Jerusalem Temple, and some other interesting insights. Here is the link: A Second Story to the Jerusalem Temple?.

Be sure to bookmark his site. Prof. Hamblin's work, in my estimation, is the best coming from Provo these days. He has the insight that so many scholars seek, pretend they have, and yet never achieve.


dcfeller said...

apparently the 2 links to Hamblin's work do not work anymore (2013). Is there another way to get at that information?
thanks very much,

David Littlefield said...

I have not looked for the two story temple info, but Hamblin's site has moved, twice: and then


dcfeller said...