Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mormon Mysticism - The Book - Newest Version

I wrote my second book “Mormon Mysticism” back a couple years. When preparing to write the book I was listening to the radio program “Dennis Prager” and he said something to the effect that any book worth writing should be written in under 100 pages. So I was determined to trim my thoughts down to 100 pages. But many of my readers thought the book was not complete and there were to many holes, and things left without explanation.

I worked up a second addition still trying to keep the size down.

I have just finished my final writing, it’s now 290 pages. I have to admit I am proud of this work. It’s the book I wish someone would have given me 15 years ago (I was not ready for it till then).

You can see it online in html form HERE (free). Some of the formating is funny in html, but it’s good for references.

Or, you can download a pdf HERE (free).

I have not yet updated, where you can buy paper back copies, or I will let you know when the latest version is available there.

NOTE: If you purchased an earlier version in paperback, and would like an updated copy, send me an email, and when I get my first batch of paper backs I will send you one for free.


David Littlefield said...

It is now available at in the latest version. However, last I checked it had not populated to yet.

But it's cheaper at anyways.

Again yet can download a free PDF version on this web site. I make zero money on the printing, so it's all the same to me.


Trevor said...

I've been reading the HTML version of the book and finished the main portion last night. I'm beginning the Sepher Yetzirah section soon.

First I'd like to say thank you for putting your ideas, references, research and learning into book form. That must have taken a great deal of time and effort.
Your book has helped me understand the Cabalistic Tree of Life and some aspects of the Hebrew language more than anything else I've encountered in my constant search for truth. Reconciling the ancient terms in modern language and in particular LDS vocabulary was incredibly helpful and insightful. I enjoyed the book and how you drew out the parallels between Christ, the Tree of Life, Fountain of Living Waters, and the Holy Temple.

On matters of scripture or Jewish oral traditions I have no point of disagreement; on matters of so-called science I have other thoughts that are yet unresolved. I believe the electric universe theory to be a much more sound foundation for cosmological extrapolations than string theory, membrane theory, or the theory of relativity. After reading such works as The Body Electric (written by a bone surgeon and researcher) and The Electric Sky (written by an Electrical Engineer with evidence from plasma physicists) perhaps you'll agree. Big Bang theorists and Standard Model of the Sun and Solar system theorists ignore the role of electricity, and the generated magnetic fields from electrical current flows in plasma between stars, planets, galaxies etc., in interstellar space against an overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary. Joseph Smith said something about -paraphrased- when the curtain is pulled back light will be seen to be the foundation of everything in existence. I couldn't find the quote, maybe I'm remembering it wrong. This will have to suffice:

D&C 88:12-13 Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space— The light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God who sitteth upon his throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things.

The concept of being a God as having freedom to move through time is interesting and could be pointed to in scripture where it says "all things are present with me, for I know them all." Yet, I hesitate to accept the idea fully without a more direct revelation. Knowing all things and being able to move through time to know all things are two separate interpretations- not mutually exclusive though.

Best regards,

David Littlefield said...


Thank you for your very kind words. The topic of my book and this blog don't have wide appreciation.

So when someone actually understands what I am saying, and appreciates it, it does my heart good.

I am going to look into the Electric Universe Theory. I am not a scientist, and would not dig in on any of my views regarding creation as it relates to String Theory. My thoughts are more that "here is what scripture says" with deepest level I can currently grasp, and this is the little I know about science, and this is how I see them reconciling. I considered skipping all science stuff, knowing I was in over my head, but I could find no other way to convey some of my ideas without that framework.

I hope you enjoy my commentary of The Book of Foundation.


Anonymous said...

Brother Littlefield,
Thanks for making a work like this free. I assume you are doing so because you believe as I do, that it would be wrong to charge people for wisdom that should be free to everyone. I too am working on a book and am planning on doing the same following your example. I am a member of the Church and also a Freemason. I really enjoyed your first book and am reading the second. The only thing that concerned me was that you seemed to be saying in the first book that people with mental illness are that way because of sin and seperation from God. While that could be true at large it cannot be the whole truth. Both my sons are autistic and are considered mentally ill. They have the purest souls I have ever been in contact with. A long line of people in my family have had OCD over several generations, and while it is a burden to bare, it also helped make them talented engineers including the guy who invented the Ferris Wheel (my Mother's maiden name), and for me has fed my need for research and knowledge. Then there are also people in history like Newton, Da Vinci, and Einstein who are now thought to have been either OCD or autistic. Honestly I believe it is a gift and a curse. Again, thanks for your work and I welcome your comments.


David Littlefield said...

Hey Justin!

Thanks for the comments!

While I do stick by my idea that mental illness is a result of sin, I absolutely would not put autism in that camp. I don't know enough about OCD to have an opinion.

The are people who have physical injuries, chemical imbalances, genetic defects, and such things, and I would not put them into the camp of those who are ill because of sin. And my definitions may not be clinically accurate. So yes, there are other considerations than those I spoke about that need spiritual healing.



Anonymous said...

Well then I agree with you. I want to reiterate how much I enoy your work. I hesitate to say but when I was younger I felt this kind of expansive thinking was discouraged in the Church. I now understand that's because someone can easily become lost if they do not have a firm foundation. I am 33 now and as I said working on a book of my own. I immediately struck a connection with your work when you mentioned that Masonry is full of testimonies of Christ but that most Masons do not know it. As a Mason I found this myself and the more I looked the more I realized the myth of Masonry centers around Hiram but it's true origins is in Christ. There is no mistaking this.

Hannah Rebekah said...

Brother Littlefield,
I ran across this pdf while doing a search and I was impressed to send you the link as I know that you have posted on Gimatria (sic).

Lost Language of the Nazorean Gnostics

Maybe you have seen this already, if not, hope it's something that you would be interested in. Enjoy all of your posts. Great book....btw! Thanks.
Hannah Rebekah

Trace said...

Brother Littlefield,
by happy accident, I happened upon the pdf version of your book. I spent several early morning hours reading parts that "jumped out" at me. My 3:30am opinion is GRATITUDE.

When I am more clear, less sleepy, I will make a closer study of your knowledge and the wisdom you use to coherently link the wide range of traditions presented in your book. Whether it matters or not, I am grateful for the direction and focus or your work, and am fairly confident that it will be a very important stop in the journey of many "Mormon Mystics".

Thanks again for cobbling it all together, especially, your explanation and translation of the "Tree of Life" from Kabbalah to the Mormon template. Well done! I look forward to a greater study of the three Kabbalistic tools of Notaricon, Gematria and Temurah, to come closer to "learning as the Jew".

I just read Trevor's comments above and resonate with what he has said. More later....


David Littlefield said...

Hi Trace!

Thank you for the very kind words! You know the topic of my book really only appeals to a narrow readership, and it does my heart good when someone reads it, and gets what I am saying.

Sorry for the delay getting back with you. I have started a new book and trying to get it done.


David Littlefield said...

Hi Hannah Rebecka!

Thank you for the link! I will go and check it out. Sorry for the delay.!


Stephanie Quinn, Mt. Airy, MD said...

I have been reading your pdf version of your book this afternoon. Absolutely wonderful! I have been so grateful for your blog and and Heavenly Ascents and Kerry Shirts youtube and blog to help me feel more connected to others with an interest in similar things. My testimony grows stronger and stronger as I read the scholarly approaches to truth and then gain more confidence in the Holy Ghost as I learn how he works and confirms truth little by little. I appreciate especially your taking the kabbalah tree of life and putting Mormon terms into it.I have studied it many times and this was the clearest explanation I have read. I am a big Nibley fan and am just grateful for the explosion of research that is coming to light to show the pieces of the truth of the gospel through the ages and throughout different areas of study and different areas of the world.Thank you for your beautiful book, I have sent the link to a couple of friends who I know are interested in similar topics. I am a returned missionary who is currently a stay at home mom with 9 kids and reading such beautiful ideas keeps me focused on the purpose of life and the beautiful and yet intricate plan our Father in Heaven established. Besides my family,the thing that brings me the most joy is learning of the things that God has for us to learn if we will seek and study. --Stephanie Quinn

David Littlefield said...

Stephanie Quinn:

Thank you for your very kind words. Specially with nine kids! How do you get the time?

Knowing that there are people who get what I am say, and enjoy the read, does my heart good. I am working on a new book, and your kind words help keep me motivated.

And I am very happy to be a part of a ring of similar web sites, those are all great web sites you mentioned.

Thank you again for your interest.