Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture

From the whirlwind great things happen.

I suspect to fill the gap resulting from recent changes at the increasingly anemic Maxwell Institute, and just from a demand and a longing from the LDS public, a new publication has been born, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.

From what I can gather it is a joint effort of Prof. Daniel Peterson, Prof. William Hamblin, and Bryce Haymond ( There may be more hands in the venture, but that is all I am aware of at this time.

Now, if you guys happen to read this post, let me tell you what I hope and expect to happen. You guys make a connection with a publisher and in ten years I should see a row of your Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture books next to my colorful row of FARMS books.

Good luck!

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Tree of Life

I am releasing my newest short book titled "The Tree of Life."

I am very proud of the this book. I worked hard to keep it short and to the point, yet every day I think I really should add this or that. There are a few additions I will make later, but this is the substantially the completed work. 

While not shifting any blame to them, I should recognize the editing assistance of my wife Mary, and my friend Bill Hess, thank you!

Your comments, or criticism (constructive or otherwise) are welcome.

Download PDF HERE.