Monday, September 10, 2007

Stone of Israel

Abraham stopped at Bethel and received his ascension ritual, which is currently known as the Abrahamic Covenant.

Later, Jacob also stopped by Bethel. When he went to sleep he put a stone under his head. That night he saw a vision which was his ascension teaching.[1] He saw the heavens open and a ladder into heaven. This ladder represented the children of God descending (the fall), and ascending (redemption) on the ladder, following Adam’s pattern.

This pattern is before us all. Perhaps as a ladder, a mountain, a tree, a river, or maybe a chariot (more likely the temple). The purpose of this life is to see if we will do whatever the Lord commands us, this is how we climb the ladder of sanctification.

Paul spoke about the three kingdoms, and the Prophet Joseph said these kingdoms were the main rounds or rungs of the ladder that Jacob saw.

“Paul ascended into the third heaven, and he could understand the three principal rounds of Jacob's ladder-the telestial, the terrestrial, and the celestial glories or “kingdoms, where Paul saw and heard things which were not lawful for him to utter. I could explain a hundred fold more than I ever have of the glories of the kingdoms manifested to me in the vision, were I permitted, and were the people prepared to receive them.”[2]

If you are not climbing the ladder, you are wasting your life.

Many claim that stone can be found today in Scotland (The Stone of Scon).

[1] Gen 28:11-22
[2] Joseph Smith Jr., Messages of the First Presidency, vol. 1, James R. Clark, The Prophet's Discourse from II Peter, May 21, 1843, Deseret Book.


Jim Tydale said...

I always wondered about the 'stone' pillow passage. Seemed like a mistranslation or something, as no one in their right mind would sleep on a stone.

David Littlefield said...

When I wrote this post I forgot that I had recently written a very similar post. But they are somewhat different. Here it is: Jacob's Ladder (Rungs of Perfection)

Anonymous: Hhhmm - interesting.

Jim Tydale: Yes, and the history of the stone is very interesting. Many believe that the stone was take by one of the lost tribes (Joseph) to Scotland. It was at Westminster Abbey for a long time. The kings of Britton were crowned there. It sits within the Coronation Chair (see the pircture on the main post).

Sterling said...

Am I the only one that fails to see any connection whatsoever between the posts mentioned and the seemingly endless debate on Christmas?

Christmas is fun. End of debate.

A better discussion would be, why on earth did he sleep on a stone? Was it pumice? Even talc seems like it would be one of the last things I thought of sleeping on.

David Littlefield said...

Sterling and Jim:

I decided to research this. And this is what I found: Stone Bed