Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two Trees

In the Garden of Eden were two trees, “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” and the “Tree of Life.” A knowledge in some form of these trees has survived in many civilizations, with varying degrees of corruption. When we examine these tree motifs we most often see them associated with an “ascension ritual.”

In LDS thinking, these trees were present in the great archetype and example of all ascension motifs, which is the life of Adam. These trees existed in the Garden of Eden representing certain powers or forces. How Adam interacted with these forces drove the drama Adam lived, that is depicted in scripture, and in the temple.

We can see the symbolism of the two trees being carried forward to the Temple of Solomon. When an initiate participated in the initial ordinances in Solomon’s temple he found himself between two pillars, Jachin (he establishes) and Boaz (in strength).

Following Adam pattern, how we interact with the forces of the two trees largely determines our life, and our eternity.

(From Ryrie Study Bible)

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Anonymous said...

What was the Nature of the "FRUIT" of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil?
Where there Two real trees and was the Person,Being,Principle or Force
being represented by each tree?
What was the act some say it was the eating of Fruit same say it was sex?
Would it be possible to eat of the tree of Knowledge if Adam first ate the tree of Life.
What would be the effects of eating the tree of Life.
Would Salvation/Exhaltation be immediate as a Result of Partaking of the Tree of Life
What need or of what benefit was the Tree of Life if Adam and Eve were perfect in there Generations,and were not yet mortal
and Live in the Garden and were Blessed to Receive the Presence of The LORD?