Monday, May 19, 2008

Jews & Mormons - Bridges Being Built

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending a very nice celebration of the sixtieth year since the founding of the state of Israel. I was a guest at the invitation of Mark Paredes who is the LDS Public Relation representative to the Jewish community in Southern California.

Clearly, the founding of Israel (1948) is a miracle and an unmistakable sign of our day.

It was a very nice celebration. If I understand correctly it was hosted by the church and was at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. Forgive me for not geting the names, but there was a Seventy there, a number of other church leaders. Leaders from different parts of the Jewish community, some consulates, some press, and so on.

It was good to see Valeria G. ("like a canon") there!

A beautiful LDS young lady lead the group in singing the national anthem of Israel (Hatikvah), it was very touching. It’s nice to see Judah and Joseph getting along so well.


molly said...

nice. Thank you for the report.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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