Friday, July 18, 2008

Ryan is Home

On a personal note. My son Ryan just returned home from his mission. He served in the Manchester, New Hampshire Mission, but was in Maine and Vermont the whole time. It is a great thing for a young man to serve in this way.

His Brother Mark is currently serving in the Columbia, South Carolina Mission. We missed him for the get together.

Jamie and Sterling are in Provo, Luke has a year to go (just finished the work for his Eagle and Duty to God), and he will be ready to go serve also.

And of course Mary keeps them all marching forward.


Evgenii said...

I just moved out to AZ from the Manchester mission last summer. I went to law school in Concord, NH from 2004-2007. It sounds like we wouldn't have seen your son. We did see, however, the acotr who played JS in the Restoration video. He was in our stake.

Bored in Vernal said...

I'll keep an eye out for your son, now that we are living in the Columbia, SC mission!

David Littlefield said...

Thanks Hans & Bored in Vernal.

BIV, he is currently working in the mission home, in Culumbia. If you see him, give him a kiss from his mom.



Daniel T said...

Congratulations! I hope your sons realize what a blessing it is to have a father who is righteous, loves them and thinks critically about the world and his own beliefs. I am reading MM right now and will definitely write a response once I've completed it. I am a very devout, "temple worthy" member, but I am very interested in mysticism, eastern belief systems, the Kabbalah and gnosticism. I believe that these sources of truth are wonderful as supplements to the standard works and prophetic guidance.

I have a "wimpy" little blog I barely tend: