Sunday, March 1, 2009

Believe all Things

You may have noticed I have been a bit preoccupied lately and have not been attending to my blogging as I should have. But I have been saving up topics to write on.

Today I did have a few minutes to spend browsing blogs, and one blog really caught my attention. I have seen it before, but did not fully appreciate it. Most of you have probably been there before, but in case you missed it, “Believe all Things” is really a great web site. It covers a wide variety of topics of interest to LDS folks, from What is an Endowment? to IG Farben and Hugh Nibley.

I found this little political clip there:

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Anonymous said...

What is the Endowment? How has it played a part in the Past? How will it reach forward into the Future?

Harry Reid? Now Mitt Romney. Politics!!!!!!!!

There will be a dredging of Mormon History as never seen before. Will it be good or bad for the Church?

Ever wonder what happened in the past and how it played out? The Press will revisit many of these issues.

Want to know what to expect - look were they will look- it is one view of the Past.

The inside of Mormonism : a judicial examination of endowment oaths administered in all the Mormon temples, by the United States District Court for the Third Judicial District of Utah, to determine whether membership in the Mormon Church is consistent with citizenship in the United States.

Covers Polygamy, the "Old" ways of doing things and Blood Atonement.

If Romney is the GOP front runner expect a Black and White fight of Ideas, the Past and Present days of Mormonism to be front Page.

Wonder if it will affect Bro. Reid ?????????

Try your own google search
" judicial examination of the endowment oaths administered in all Mormon temples"