Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Luke's Going On a Mission

My youngest son Luke is going on a Mission!

He recently received his mission call to the Johannesburg South Africa Mission. He will report in April 2010.

It's a great thing for a young man to serve in this way. He has already had some great missionary experiences going out with the missionaries in the ward.

His mother is a bit worried, but I am confident he will be fine. It will be the adventure of a lifetime. I understand he may have the opportunity to learn some of the "click" language.

This is a sharp kid. In the last year he as read the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Temple In Cosmos, Approaching Zion, Mormonism and Early Christianity, Lectures on Faith, and a bunch more. I wonder what I could have achieved on my mission if I was half as prepared?

We expect to see great this from this young man!


Lynden said...

Typo last paragraph "as" should be "Has".
More important the the excellent and impressive literature he has read is the apparent and evident hunger for the Gospel he has.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Luke! - Karen

Anonymous said...

Luke is Back from his safari - But he is still on the hunt, does the brother got game? Cool Hand Luke it is in his name!!!

Good thing Luke was not on the dinner menu. Eating people is out of venue. Careful when someone invites you over for dinner, a dinner date for one or two, we are happy the serving was not you.

Welcome back Luke safe and sound