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The Zodiac in LDS Theology

The masterpiece we refer to as the 88th. Section of the Doctrine and Covenants has some interesting connection to what I propose is the Zodiac. I know this makes some LDS folks recoil just a bit, but if we can free our minds and just see truth, truth will pour itself into us. I am not here supporting Astrology or any type of divination by looking at the cosmos. 
“Unto what shall I liken these kingdoms, that ye may understand?” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:46)
Staring in verse 52 a parable is given to us, to help us understand these kingdoms and the people who reside in them.

The complete meaning of this parable is not completely understood by me, but a few points are observable and we can see some hints of the underlying truths. We see in the parable the Lord visits different people of different kingdoms in 12 different hours. This parable may raise more questions than it answers, and that may be it’s purpose.

We read in verse 47:
“Behold, all these are kingdoms, and any man who hath seen any or the least of these hath seen God moving in his majesty and power.”

The above must mean more than what someone could see with a telescope in their backyard. What a person can view from the backyard may whisper at God’s majesty, however, to really see God moving in His majesty a person needs to see this with spiritual eyes like Moses or Abraham did. In modern temples we receive a very short representation of this understanding of that we are to run with and expand, it should expand to where we understand that same thing, via a little different route, that Abraham and Moses received.

Even back to ancient Egypt the idea existed that man, in at least one stage is associated with the 12 part Zodiac, and passed through the Zodiac in his eternal journey. This association of the number 12 with the Tree of Life, and the many variation of the plan of salvation as found among the many peoples of the earth is distinct.

We see in the Sefer Yetzirah that a similar description of kingdoms is connected to the 12 stations of the Zodiac (At least in some versions). The Sepher Yetzirah is a commentary on the creation and the redemption. This commentary uses the Tree of Life as the backdrop for this explanation (like Solomon’s temple), and employs images of ten “Sephiroth” or number and twenty- two letters as the building blocks of creation.
(Ten are the numbers of the ineffable [or intangible] Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Learn this wisdom, and be wise in the understanding of it, investigate these numbers, and draw knowledge from them, fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its Creator seated on his throne.” Sepher Yetzirah 1:4.)

The family used as the prototype of salvation is Israel. When a convert receives the gospel they are grafted into the Tree of Life - the House of Israel. Towards the end of the Book of Genesis we see that God set up the House of Israel to rule and reign on this earth. It is true that Israel has often struggled with it’s own periods of apostasy, yet between such periods it is Israel that has been the custodians of the rites of salvation and sanctification. A primary characteristic of the House of Israel is that it is divided into 12 tribes, the descendants of the 12 son’s of Jacob. But this employing of the number 12 did not start or end with Israel’s children. I would suggest that this usage was calling on a larger imagery less know to modern theologians. This larger imagery is the cosmos with all of it’s “worlds” and the people who inhabit them. The cosmos can be represented in shorthand with the Zodiac. The Zodiac can be thought of as a kind of Hypocephalus.

The visiting of the Lord to each kingdom is the millennial reign of Christ in each respective kingdom. Each earth or world receives it’s reign of Christ in it’s proper time. Joseph Fielding Smith spoke about this:

“During the millennium, the Savior will spend one thousand years here which is one day according to the Lord. In D&C, Section 88, it is written that the Savior will do the same thing in other worlds, visiting each in its turn.” (
Joseph Fielding Smith, Answers to Gospel Questions, 3:212.)

So, if this is speaking of other worlds or earths, are we to accept that there are a total of 12 of these earths, of which our earth is one? Abraham and Brigham Young taught us that there are millions of earths. So why the connection to the number 12? I suspect that it is using a related imagery in the macro; the cosmos (crated under the direction of the council of the gods). The next panning in towards the micro is the Tree of Life - the House of Israel (Jacob 5:3) with it’s 12 tribes. Further panning in is the 12 apostles that run the church, the custodians of salvation - the Tree of Life in our day and in the original church.
Just as the apostles have less to do with the actual number 12 than what that number represents, this holds true at each progressive level, micro or macro. We should not get stuck on 12 kingdoms, but embrace the understanding that we are part of a larger plan that includes many worlds, each of which will be visited in their time. This understanding will draw us to investigate the pre-earth life and the plan of all these kingdoms. It is likely this imagery of 12 apostles extends to each of these worlds, and that each world has it’s 12 custodians of salvation (at any given time).

Even keeping in mind my earlier discourses on Revelation 22:2 we see the correspondence between the number 12 and the 12 fruit and the Tree of Life in Revelation 22. A possible, at least partial explanation of the 12 different types of fruit people eat is that the 12 fruit are for the 12 divisions of the cosmos, which is consistent with Doctrine and Covenants section 88. If this is true, the symbol of the Tree of Life in the Book of Revelation is enriched to include a symbol of salvation not only for our world but as a shared source for all the cosmos. If we take that understanding and logically extend it to the rest of our Tree of Life images, all kinds of interesting possibilities begin to show themselves. For example, we could easily hang a Zodiac as a wreath on our Tree of Life.

Notice that in Rev. 22:2 they eat 12 manner of fruit, one for each month. Months have to do with times or seasons. In Doctrine and Covenants 88:61 “...times, and in its season...” is used to describe the plan.)

Jacob’s Alligory of the Olive Tree does not include or end in the use of the number 12, but it does end in Jacob 6:13 with a reminder that we will meet again before the bar of Christ, which is a millennial setting, which is earth’s (one twelfth) turn for the presence of Christ. A rose by any other name...
In John 15, Jesus spoke to one branch of the 12 tribes, and to the 12 apostles, about the True Vine.
While no cosmic connection is recorded in John, the fact that He was explaining a Tree of Life image to the twelve was more than appropriate.

In short, the number 12 is associated with the work of redemption, be that that the keys of the mysteries of each dispensation are held by the 12 apostles, that the work of a separate unit of the church is lead by 12 disciples, that the work of this world is under the 12 that Jesus ordained, or that this world will have it’s part in the 12 part plan of the cosmos. In Solomon’s Temple and most authorized temples we find a baptismal font on the backs of 12 oxen. The abbreviated, but perhaps not the full explanation is that the oxen represent the tribes of Israel. The pattern of the 12 apostle is based upon the earlier imagery of the 12 tribes, which is based upon the cosmic plan of redemption, that can be represented by the Zodiac. Moving into the holy place of Solomon’s Temple we see the Menorah across from the Table of the Shewbread. Upon that table were 12 loaves of bread, these had a connection to the sacrament, which is a renewing of the lower ordinance of baptism, which in the temple is done on the backs of 12 oxen. The post-apocalyptic new Jerusalem is seen by John coming down out of heaven, and it had 12 gates and at each gate was an angel with his name upon him. The name of these angeles are the names of the 12 tribes of Israel (the son’s of Jacob). John’s vision goes on a little further connecting the 12 foundations of the holy city to the 12 apostles. The angel showing these things to John then measures the city, similar to how Ezekiel’s messenger did for Ezekiel. Carrying forth the imagery of the number 12, the city is 12 thousand furlongs (a furlong is 185.2 meters). This is clearly a symbolic measurement, like Ezekiel’s measurements were. Both employed the symbolic number 1,000 which has cosmic implications, as used from earliest times, [1] and right into Jewish and Christian imagery.

That's the way I see it - what say you?
[1] See the Peril of Great Price, Book of Abraham, Facsimile 2, Explication 4. “Answers to the Hebrew word Raukeeyang, signifying expanse, or the firmament of the heavens; also a numerical figure, in Egyptian signifying one thousand; answering to the measuring of the time of Oliblish, which is equal with Kolob in its revolution and in its measuring of time.”


Justin said...

I say that it is my understanding that the prophetic narratives in scripture take as their template events that unfold in the heavens: i.e. the movements of planets and their interactions with each other. “Prophecy” is merely the description of planetary movements and plasma interactions.

The imagery in a prophetic story is imagery observed in the sky. The mention of a “sword”, doesn’t mean a literal, physical sword floating around in outer space – but that there are planetary movements and plasma formations that, when seen from the perspective of Earth, create the image of a sword.

Prophecy is simply the movements of planetary bodies and the resulting plasma interactions, converted into a narrative that describe patterns that likewise play out in earthly evens. Meaning that after the planets go through their described motions, fulfilling the elements of the prophecy every whit – the same story then plays out here on Earth.

The planets are not just big physical balls of gas and rock – but they are also the idea of what those planets mean – the planets being used as a way to represent a pattern of things taking place among mankind [or within yourself] as thought it is a physical event transpiring in the sky.

Mankind has a natural tendency or instinct to worship, which is tied to what happens in the heavens, among the planets. This is because human brain cycles are tied to the cycles of the heavenly bodies (planets, sun, comets, etc.), and when the planets are active, the urge to worship comes as a fanatical devotion.

When the heavens are active, the devil’s strategy is to direct that fanatical devotion in the wrong direction by introducing idolatry. However, when the skies are asleep [like they are right now], the instinct to worship does not pull on us as greatly and so the devil works to suppress the urge to worship altogether.

Also -- there is this post, written by LDS Anarchist -- that specifically addresses D&C 88 according the understanding I described above.

Come to think of it -- there are many posts on LDS Anarchy on the subject of plasma cosmology.

David Littlefield said...


Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

With all respect, I just see things differently.

Insofar as we live in the structure of the universe it cases the revolution, weather, and such - and that all effect us. But, any 1:1 ratio to the “plasma” of the universe (or any other ratio) effecting individual’s lives, I just don’t observe that around me, I don’t see it in scripture, nor do I comprehend any scientific principle that causes such a condition. Meaning, I reject the idea of any correspondence or controlling influence between men and the interplay between heavenly bodies.

I think that man’s need to make rational the things around him that sometimes leads to false excesses, which is the case in astrology. Astrology is such an excess that spun off from Astronomy.

I do believe in time, and time can be measured with heavenly bodies, and we can understand prophesy against the movement of those heavenly bodies, but prophesy is not a result heavenly bodies moving. Meaning, it may have been prophesied that the restoration would happen around 1830, but the restoration was not a result of the movement of the cosmos. The swirls of man on this earth are neither created by, nor effect the movement of the planets.

IMHO - But if I am missing something, by all means let me know.


LDS Anarchist said...

"I reject the idea of any correspondence or controlling influence between men and the interplay between heavenly bodies."

It sounds like your mind is already made up on this point. I've personally seen unpublished scientific research that confirms that such an influence actually exists, even though you cannot see it with your eyes. It has been established to exist and has been measured. I wonder if you will change your mind when that data set is published to the world?

"prophesy is not a result heavenly bodies moving"

You sound quite sure of yourself. I am curious. Do you have the spirit of prophecy and of revelation? If so, did you arrive at this conclusion by that spirit? If not, what makes you qualified to pronounce what is and is not prophecy, if you yourself are not a prophet?

Justin said...

"IMHO - But if I am missing something, by all means let me know."

You are basing your opinions on the current configuration of the planets. Our current skies are asleep -- and the electrical currents are not charged.

That tiny dot on the horizon does not affect man's behavior -- sure. But that's not what the prophetic narrative is describing.

And also -- ditto what LDSA wrote.

Anonymous said...

Light can set a mood or influence ones state of mind - We do not know all of the sciences of light seen and unseen.

Lasers are the new medicine.

When under the light of the moon we receive only a partial band of reflected sun light - Plants and animals have behavior patters that are in accord with the Sun, Moon, Tides, Those that worship the Moon and Saturn and Saturn's Day Saturday start their holy days Sunset to Sunset

The Jews also were Lunar and celebrate as the Sun goes down and measured their times from the New Moons and adopted many pagan practices and worshiped Saturn and Cain- The so called Jewish Star is Saturn and comes from Babylon and is Pagan.

Christian Changed the seasons, times, reckoning of seasons, Sabbaths, and also have a SON SUN worship. Christian party when the Son/Sun comes Up
Christians Celebrate the Birth day of the SUN SON on Lucifers/Osiris/ and every other Pagan god you can know. December 25th

Our Times are based on the number of a Man 666
"6" it is all multiple of 6
60 seconds
60 minutes
12+12 = 24
24 Hours or Multiple 6 x24 = 1 day
6x24 = 144
our Times is based on the Longest Day of The Year June 24th St John's Day and our Time is also Based on the Shortest Day of the Year December 23
Joseph Smith's Birthday and then on December 25 as the New Born Son arises Christian all Celebrate The Birthday of Jesus Christ.

Hours = Horus as the sun passes over the land of Horus or the flat land on the Horus or as Horus rises in the Morning as on the Horus rising Horizon

So Zodiac or not. The sun, moon and the stars all play apart in false pagan religions.

By the way who is Santa Claws really?

Job 9:9
9 Which maketh Arcturus, Orion, and Pleiades, and the chambers of the south.
Job 38:31
31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

Anonymous said...

I try to be on the side of truth even if against religion and tradition, because I want to be on God's side.

As evidence of paganism all you need is a little devil spirit to get you into the spirit of the holy days of the pagan gods. December 25th - Ishtar

Job 38:33 Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on the earth?” Mazzaroth = zodiac. God is saying where were you when I created the zodiac?

1st day of summer the sun is directly overhead in our northern hemisphere. The constellation that begins summer is called Leo. Sun called the Lion King. So the Lion King is the sun in the constellation of Leo the Lion. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. Consequently 3 months later, the sun enters into autumn or the fall (the ‘fall’ because the sun was standing straight and is now falling). Each day from the 1st day of summer the Lion King (sun) moves 1 degree southward every day until it hits (3 months/90 days later) the 90 degree, it is now passing over the equator. Heading south. 3 months later, and 90 degrees more, the sun ends up at the lowest part in our southern sky. For 3 days once it reaches the lowest part, it’s called the winter solstice 22nd December. 23rd it rises at the same degree, and on the 24th, same degree. So for 3 days the sun is dead in its tomb. 25th December the sun moves 1 degree northward, so the sun is moving again. The sun is born again: It is now beginning its northern journey back to the northern hemisphere. As it gets to that half way point again we call it spring, because he was a lion king in summer, he was fallen in autumn, he was dead in winter, but now he was springing back to life in spring.

Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations: Part 20

* * *
The Port Adelaide Masonic Centre 1928
If there was ever any doubt that Freemasonry is the child of the Ancient Egyptians it is dispelled at the Port Adelaide Freemasonic Centre for it is here that the Number Two Lodge of South Australia is built in the form of an Egyptian Temple!
Until only a few years ago in South Australia the Freemasonic Lodge Room was called the Temple.

The Eye of Ra is a symbol of Precession. It is the central point of the revolution of the Ages of the Zodiac around the heavens.
This is the origin of the Sun Wheel.

You can learn a little Egyptian in the above link- I liked it

And you all can make your own insights and opinions about where the Paganism and Religion that is true starts and stops.


Anonymous said...

Great Link - it got cut off like Osiris

Anonymous said...

Cut twice but worth the effort

ParticleMan said...

I was hoping for more references related to John Pratt's astronomical studies (, and elsewhere).

Anonymous said...

The Square and Compasses
Directly below the Winged Disk and above the entrance to the Temple are carved the Square and Compasses. Today a pair of compasses like these would be called "dividers". Without these instruments it would have been impossible for the Remote Ancient Egyptians to measure the rate of Precession accurately. Furthermore without the Plumb Rule used in conjunction with the Plumb Line they would have been unable to measure the positions of stars and their corresponding positions on the ground. The Constellation of Monoceros forms the Square and Compasses, Canis Minor is a Plumb Rule.

The tools used by the remote ancient Egyptians to help them better understand the Concept of Precession were the Square and Compasses … and lest the value of these tools be overlooked or forgotten, they were engineered into the constellations of the Northern Winter sky by the Great Architect. (German astronomer, Jakob Bartsch, also lays claim to the honour.) The Constellation of Monoceros, the Unicorn, forms the Square and Compasses. The Square is at 90 degrees and the Compasses at 55 degrees.

The Square, The Compass, The Plumb Line, The 24 inch Rule -

Know your Masonic Tools that you wear and how to use them in the Zodiac-

Know the "times" and "Ages" as you measure your way thru the heavens comprised Equinoxes and
Constellations -Heaven -The Heavens

Today we live in an Age of Science in which Precession is regarded as just another phenomenon. No great deal is attached to it. However when the remote Ancient Egyptians first recognized the effects of Precession more than sixteen thousand years ago it would have caused a crisis situation.

Know Heaven?

Anonymous said...

Zodiac- Hey is that a Masonic Apron?

The Symbols that take you to heaven?

Anonymous said...

Top shelf
Are you LDS,and from SA? IIRC your son went on a mission about 10yrs ago?
You ever look into the 1 Ne 1 from the kaballah perspective?

David Littlefield said...

Hey Top Shelf!

No, I am not from South Africa, however, I have a son returning from a South Africa mission in a couple weeks.

And, I try an look at all my scripture studies with a cabalistic lens, and of course the Book of Mormon just comes alive when you do that. Was there something specific you wanted to point out there?



Anonymous said...

Check this out

Anonymous said...

We will be having funeral services for David Littlefield on Tuesday, March 5th from 4-5 p.m. It will be at this LDS chapel: 1276 Erringer Road, Simi Valley, CA. He will later be buried in Sandy, Utah. If you know anyone that would like to know this information, please do pass it along.

Anonymous said...

Sad to hear he passed, hopeful he followed the correct star in the Zodiac...