Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Science Should Have Known

In an earlier post entitled Space, Time, Dimension, and Law I wrote this:

“I find there is a gap between the language of the scientist and the language of the theologian. I believe Jewish Mysticism can work as a bridge to provide a scientific answer to the theologian in terms he can apply, and perhaps theological descriptions that a scientist can use.”

Which some may disagree with, and I understand why. What I am suggesting is that if science wishes to take some leaps forward they may need to seek answers from unexpected place, then, subject the results to scientific scrutiny.

Jewish Mysticism has long taught us that there are ten worlds, dimensions, or glories. Dr. Sanford L. Drob tells us:

“The Kabbalists hold the total number of sefirot to be ten. Like the "super-string" theorists of contemporary physics, they view the world as being comprised not of four, but of ten dimensions, and they regard each thing in the world, whether spiritual, psychical, or material to be composed of varying combinations of these ten dimensions or structures.”[1]

String theorist now tell us the same thing. They could have gotten that information four thousand years ago.

In Cabalistic terms these ten dimensions are called Sephiroth. Abraham told us in the Book of Creation:

“Ten are the numbers (of the Sephiroth) out of Nothing, ten--not nine; ten--not eleven. Comprehend this great, wisdom, understand this knowledge and be wise. Inquire into the mystery and ponder it. Examine all things by means of the ten Sephiroth.” [2]

What if we “examined” the world in this way?

The world was made by these ten Sephiroth and balancing them, resolving the conflict between them, is the “covenant” or the “Plan of Salvation” that was instituted from the pre-existence.

“The ten numbers (Sephiroth) out of Nothing are analogous to the ten fingers and the ten toes: five over against five. In the center between them is the covenant with the Only One God.”[3]

Which exactly what Nephi was speaking about in 2 Nephi 2: 11.

The truth of science will only be fully understood through this understanding.


[1] Dr. Sanford L. Drob, Cross Currents, Spring 1997, Vol. 47 Issue 1.
[2] Sefer Yetzirah (MPH).
[3] Sefer Yetzirah (MPH).


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