Tuesday, September 4, 2007


In my most recent post Wind, Water, and Fire I described the “microcosm” of creation, man himself. The Sefer Yetzirah describes the center of man; his head corresponding to the fire of the universe (Shin). Man’s belly corresponding to the primeval waters (Mem). And between them man’s chest, corresponding to air (Aleph). These represent the manifestation of creation in their three degrees of glory.

But that’s not the end of the story. Father Abraham adds another dimension. He describes the fingers of the body, five on each side:

“…the ten fingers (and toes) of the human body, five parallel to five, and in the centre of which is the covenant with the only One, by the word of the tongue and the rite of Abraham.”[1]

These fingers are an illustration of the Sephiroth, or emanations of God (His Powers). These are mediated by the tongue (mouth, speech, air), representing the Word, or Christ. The Sefer Yetzirah describes that this speech (represented by the tongue) corresponds to the “covenant.” What Covenant? The Covenant of the “Plan of Happiness” from the pre-existence. Understanding this explains why when Nephi spoke of Christ he spent so much time on the opposition in all things, and the Mediator.

But, the Book of Creation also mentions “toes.” And that they are mediated by the member of circumcision. Circumcision is the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant, which is the Plan of Salvation. When a person is circumcised they renew their covenant, when we go to the temple we renew this same covenant. Christ is both Creator and Mediator.

[1] SEPHER YEZIRAH 2:2, Kalisch


David Littlefield said...

Here are a few more snips from The Book of Creation on the topic:

“…a covenant between the ten fingers of his hands, which is the covenant of the tongue, and the covenant between the ten toes of his feet, which is the covenant of circumcision, and said of him: 'Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee.'" [Kalisch 6:9]

“Ten sefirot of nothingness, in the number of ten fingers, five opposite five, with a singular covenant precisely in the middle, in the circumcision of the tongue and in the circumcision of the membrum.” [Kaplin 1:3]

Anonymous said...

How about females? Women were not circumcised. Did they not need to renew the covenant?

David Littlefield said...

In my post I was writing in a more general sense, but the truth lies in a broader understanding. This “covenant” from the pre-mortal life (the Plan of Salvation) had a significant component called Priesthood. The Plan of Salvation is administered by priesthood, and those who were chosen from the pre-existence to hold the priesthood acknowledged through circumcision that they were a chosen people, holding and lead by priesthood.

Circumcision is a sign of what is called the Abrahamic Covenant, which centers around the rights and obligations of priesthood.

In this life males hold this obligation, that is why women are not charged with the sins of their given generation. I also believe that in eternity women will hold what we currently call priesthood.

In the temple, in the representations of the lower kingdoms priesthood is handled differently between woman and men. But, in the sealing room the whole of what we call the Abrahamic covenant is given to both.


Anonymous said...

Concerning the mystries and Mysticism, is usually in association with the occult,study and initation into the mystries in the Blood tie to Isis, The Virgin mother.Wife of Osiris,Mother of Horus.and Widow of Osiris. Followers/initiates of the Mystries or the Virgin are refered to as Sons of the Widow. So mote it be.

Anonymous said...

Did Jesus receive the "cut" why or why not?
And at what age? why or not and for what reason.
Was Jesus Baptized ? why or not
And at what age ? why or not
Why was John Baptizing people and what did it mean?
Under what authority and/or Tradition was John Baptizing?
Were others Authorized or Praticing Baptism as was John?
How was John called to his Baptizing and did John's Followers see Jesus as the Christ and Become Christians?
Did Baptism Abolish the "cut"

David Littlefield said...


May I refer you to the New Testament? It will answer all those questions for you.