Monday, October 1, 2007

The Bahir

I recently read The Bahir, also know as the Sefer Ha-Bahir (Sefer = book, Ha = the, Bahir = brightness). I had neglected reading this pillar of Cabala for sometime.

The Bahir was first published in the twelfth century, in the south of France. Most believe Rabbi Yitzak Saggi Nehor is the author, but there is some disagreement.

I was expecting a cabalistic delight, but I was disappointed.

Now, when I first read the Zohar, I found it to be a most unbelievable feast. I could not put it down. It imparted many insights into gospel principles. This is what I was expecting from the Bahir.

I can see how some people are not prepared to read the Zohar and could read it and walk away empty. So, perhaps The Bahir is the same way, perhaps I was not ready. Be that as is may, that’s the way I see it.

Here it is in Hebrew: Bahir in Hebrew

Download a PDF version translated by: Aryeh Kaplan