Thursday, March 13, 2008

Enoch & Metatron (by: Dr. Andrai A. Orlov)

I don’t have permission to mention his name, but his initials are “DL,” he is a fellow who visits my site from time to time, and is particularly insightful.

He gave me a list of links that contain certain excepts from the writings of Dr. Andrai A. Orlov, who teaches at the Theology Department of Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Orlov is not LDS as far as I know (he should be), but he has a lot of insight to the topics of this blog. I present the list for your reading pleasure:

Enoch as the Heavenly Priest

Enoch as the Expert in Secrets

Enoch as the Mediator

Enoch as the Scribe

The Etymology of the Name "Metatron"

Metatron as the Mediator

Metatron as the Prince of the World

Metatron as the Deity: Lesser YHWH

Metatron as God's Shiur Qomah

Metatron as the Prince of the Presence

Metatron as the Youth

Metatron as the Expert in Secrets

Metatron as Sar Torah

Metatron as the Scribe

Back before Kerry Shirts had to get a job, he use to mention him on a regular basis.

He does not give his books away, so these links are a real treat. If you like what he has to say, then buy a book.
I thought maybe you might like this too: Metatron

The Picture above is not a picture of Dr. Orlov's book.


David Littlefield said...

In response to my post, I was sent two links to the works of “Rachel Elior, the leading expert in the traditions of Heavenly Temple and Jewish Angelology.”

Again, I won’t use this sources name either, because I did not receive permission to do so, but it is greatly appreciated.

List of Publications
Jewish Mysticism

I looked these over, and there is some really good material here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the links to Dr. Andrei Orlov's writing. I think there has been a lack of good LDS research on Enoch since Nibley (as far as I'm familiar with, anyway) and I feel inspired by the great work that has been done by Dr. Orlov and others like Rachel Elior in this field of study. As Latter-day Saints we have an advantage in this field, not just out of interest or curiosity, but because these things (more than any other modern church) directly form part of our belief system. Thanks, David, for keeping up such an insightful site.

David Littlefield said...

David Larsen:

Thank you. These links are a great resource!

Please keep us up to date on anything else Dr. Orlov releases.


Anonymous said...

In the Order Of the Rosy Cross you can Find Many stones shared By Mormons and Masons.

Chapter IX. We have a magic writing, copied from that divine alphabet with which God writes His will upon the face of celestial and terrestrial Nature. With this new language we read God's will for all His creatures, and just as astronomers predict eclipses so we prognosticate the obscurations of the church and how long they shall last. Our language is like unto that of Adam and Enoch before the Fall, and though we understand and can explain our mysteries in this our sacred language, we cannot do so in Latin, a tongue contaminated by the confusion of Babylon.

In the Order Of the Rosy Cross you can Find Many stones shared By Mormons and Masons.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Orlov-links are dead now. Any help?

David Littlefield said...

Here is a link to David Larson's web site, Heavenly Ascent, with Dr. Orlov's work.

David keeps up on Dr. Orlov probably as well as anyone does.