Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three Degrees of Glory - Now!

So much of what I blog about has to do with the three degrees of glory, because that is the template of the temple, displaying eternity. When I say eternity, I mean forever, and the here and now.

I was going to here give some of my best posts to the three degree pattern, but they are almost all based upon this insight. That insight is usually focussed on the eternities, not the present. With some exceptions; Fasting, and Shin, Aleph, & Mem.

Most of my posts are a little esoteric for most people’s tastes. So, here is my (given to me by my sweet wife) highly recommended link to understanding how the three degrees of glory affect you here and now, where the rubber meets the road.

This is good stuff, share it with your kids.

Three Realms of Law, Light and Life by Lili Anderson, Brigham Young University–Idaho Devotional, February 1, 2005.


mjarman said...

David, I've just discovered your site and enjoyed the comments you made about fasting as it relates to our "celestial" yearnings/journey.

It seems tho that the commentary that I have read thus far, deals a lot with what could be described as the mechanics of our spiritual journey. Curious to find out how Christ and his grace figures into your thinking, as well as the sanctifying role of the Holy Ghost.

Also wondered the name of the funny snake-lion creature illustrated in your "gnosticism" post.



David Littlefield said...


Glad you found us, Welcome!

Christ is central to my views. You probably have not had a chance yet to read back posts, please do so by clicking on the "older Post" button on the bottom of each page, you will see I have no lack of Christ Centeredness.

And sanctification is a major topic as well.

I hope to see you often.


David Littlefield said...


Regarding the Lion headed graphic, it is a "A lion-faced deity found on a Gnostic gem in Bernard de Montfaucon's L'antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures. This image represents the union of the solar and lunar forces within the human body (the two snakes) and the emergence of the Inner Christ (Christus Rex) the fearless Lion and the Son/Sun of God.."

It is in the public domain and can be found at


JayFlow22 said...

I just read Sister Anderson's talk that you posted the link to.
I really enjoyed it...thanks for providing it.

David Littlefield said...

Hey Jayflow22:

Your welcome! Thanks fro stopping by, I hope to see you often.


Anonymous said...

And all of this chatter of Bricks,Stones,Mysteries,and accension theology and Temples is Just Talk. as we are to be the Temples of God, that is the real Mystery. And in the twinkling of an Eye the Holy Ghost can make us Holy and we can pass by all the Angels and Sentinals and be filled with God's Spirit and Accend above all thru the Gifts of the spirit.and true Holy Ghost experiences can teach us all Show us all things needful to know