Thursday, October 9, 2008

Built Upon a Foundation

In my earlier post Is God In The Spirit World?, I unilaterally decided that:

1. The (what we used to call) Pre-Existence (pre-mortal life) is not the Celestial Kingdom.

2. The Spirit World is not the Celestial Kingdom, or the Pre-Existence.

If you accept this, there is a Pre-Existence, Mortality, Spirit World, and kingdoms of glory in the resurrection. These are all different places.

I present two questions:

* Did God create the earth from Celestial Kingdom where He resides, or from the Spirit World?

* From an ancient Jewish Mystical point of view, looking at the Cabalistic Tree of Life, does creation come from Malkhut, or from Keter?

I see these as the same question.

I propose one answer to both questions.

As I have proffered many times before, the terms “glories,” “worlds,” or “spheres” (intelligences, Pre-Existence, Mortality, Spirit World, Celestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom, Telestial Kingdom, Outer Darkness) are just another way of saying different dimensions. Just like we know the spirit world is here on earth, but we can’t see them, they are in a different dimension.

We are taught in LDS theology that our world was created spiritually before it was created physically. But these descriptions mention the Pre-existence, and not the Celestial Kingdom.

Cabalist always have a problem with Malkhut (kingdom), and Yosod (foundation) coming before higher worlds. The foundation is created last? So they flip the tree upside down, and do all kinds of other gyrations in an attempt to make the teachings of the Tree of Life flow logically.

So, I ask: What kingdom (dimension) is “Higher,” The Pre-existence, or our current physical world?

I suggest that God directed the creation of our physical universe from the Celestial Kingdom, by directing those in the Pre-Existence. Christ was the leader of that work, in that kingdom or dimension.

Further, that God dwells in the Celestial Kingdom, but all lower kingdoms are before Him, He can traverse not only time, but dimensions themselves. He has had all Kingdoms added unto Him.

“And they who keep their first estate shall be added upon; and they who keep not their first estate shall not have glory in the same kingdom with those who keep their first estate; and they who keep their second estate shall have glory [dimensions] added upon their heads for ever and ever.” (Abraham 3:26)

This is how God is both a caporal being, and still all things are before him. How He is in the Pre-Existence, and the Spirit World without leaving Celestial Realms.


Chad said...

great post. I haven't read much of what you have previously said but perhaps looking at the idea of a governing order of plants.

David Littlefield said...


Thanks for the kind words, and for stopping by. I hope to see you often.


Chad said...

This is a great post. I finally read the whole thing.

When I was 14 (8 years ago) Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone was my temple President (Logan Utah Temple). He came and gave a special talk to the Priesthood of my Stake and spoke on the "inter-dimensional travel capacity of Celestial beings".

I had no idea what he was talking about at the time. Thought I would pass that along as a good sign. I wonder if Parly and Orson talked about that also. I seem to recall a series of lectures one of them gave in the Tabernacle, probably Orson.

It is an interesting thing to ponder, the multi-dimensional reality of God. I need to study more physics to really begin to understand what that implies.

David Littlefield said...


Sorry for the delay. I have recovering from an accident. And while some things do seem clearer on drugs, that may not in fact be the case 8-)

Thanks for your comments. I find this to be a fascinating topic.


Anonymous said...

You will Love this One